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How Is SHOKi Powered By The Soil?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Let's geek out for a few...

SHOKi’s euphoric power is specially formulated by infusing organic cannabis nanoemulsions into fresh juices and herb blends. Because we focus on a consistent experience and flavors you can re-imagine again and again, the vibes you caught from the first glass will be the same until the last drop.

What's a cannabis emulsion?

A cannabis nanoemulsion consists of a hydrophobic core, a surfactant shell and is surrounded by a continuous water phase on the outside. The surfactant has a hydrophobic tail and hydrophilic head. This structure allows it to sit on the edge of water and oil and help stabilize the system.

Say what? This science means that because cannabinoids like THC and CBD absolutely love oil, but don’t like to hang out in water, at the molecular level we have to nicely ask THC to put on a special organic jacket before it jumps in the pool. The final product is USDA organic certified, and powers SHOKi into the experience that you love.

Fun fact: our bodies have been unknowingly consuming nano-sized foods since the beginning of time. Many plant and animal products are composed of components and structures that, based on their dimensions, are considered nanomaterials. For example, milk is made of up casein micelles + whey proteins + lactose all of which are considered nanomaterials. Additionally, the structure of muscle in meats and fish have complex and highly organized nanostructures.

What's the advantage of drinking SHOKi?

With SHOKi there’s no more waiting an hour for you to feel the high of an infused snack. 80% of human body weight consists of water. Because we use nanoemulsions that are water-compatible, the high bioavailability of THC in our products allow you to enjoy the experience within 15 minutes and conclude the effects within a couple hours. First, this first means no overconsuming because you thought it wasn’t working. Second, you can expect smooth landings because you won’t be flying to Venus for 2 days.

Predictable vibes only.

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