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SHOKi Bev Now A Portfolio Company of Pipeline Angels

Happy 4/20! For over three years, SHOKi Bev has worked hard to create a brand that reflects the energy and vibrance from our international travels and the rich Caribbean and West African traditions of our upbringing. We choose to be the answer to consumers who will not compromise on control, taste and fun to discover what products can provide them with the perfect escape from the noise of the day.

Pipeline Angels is changing the face of angel investing and venture capital, as well as creating funding for trans women, cis women, nonbinary, two-spirit, agender, and gender-nonconforming founders. Their members serve as the friends and family round for entrepreneurs who may not already have support at that critical stage. On a day where we celebrate cannabis and all its possibilities, we are thrilled to announce that SHOKi Bev will be counted among their portfolio companies. Pipeline Angels, believes in our vision of becoming the most gorgeous, inclusive, and impactful food and beverage brand experience on the planet. With Pipeline Angel's support, SHOKi will continue to evolve and provide stellar products to our communities and partners.

After hitting shelves in October 2020, SHOKi cocktail mixers made it as far north as Humboldt and as far south as Palm Springs in California with our eyes toward national expansion. In the Fall of 2021, SHOKi introduced to the NY market a limited edition 5:1 CBD full spectrum luxury gelees line. Today, we are laser focused on IP partnerships and scalable co-manufacturing relationships all around the country. We are honored that Pipeline Angels will be helping us execute in the areas of production, marketing, sales support, and digital storytelling. We cannot thank Pipeline Angels enough for trusting us to continue building this rocket ship.

SHOKi to the world!

If you would like to learn more about our ongoing investment round, please contact our founders:

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